Pure Wool Throw in MacKellar Tartan
MacKellar Blanket
Tartan Blanket

Pure Wool Blanket in Mackellar Tartan

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A high quality, hard wearing pure wool blanket in subtle tones of brown and grey that create the famous Mackeller tartan. This versatile pure wool tartan throw adds a touch of authentic Scottish style to any interior. A comforting woollen throw for your sofa or bed. Also suitable as a tartan picnic blanket.


  • 100% pure new wool
  • Approx. size: 150 x 183cm - 59 x 72" (including fringes)
  • Made in the UK

    Dry Clean or Handwash 


    -Get a washing bowl or bucket large enough to accommodate your blanket allowing for some movement.

    -Fill it with cool water (not warm or tepid) and add a detergent that states that it's for 'delicate f­­abrics'. Don't over-fill as the blanket itself will disperse a large volume of water in the vessel.

    -MIx well so that the detergent is thoroughly dispersed in the water - be careful not to add too much.

    -Put the blanket in and and press down and 'knead' it gently to wash it through and get the detergent thoroughly soaked into the wool fibres. Do NOT wring or twist the fabric as you do this.

    -Leave it to soak in bowl/bucket for 30 mins minImum.

    -Remove the blanket carefully without stretching.

    -Refill the bowl/bucket with cool clean water and place the blanket back in there and repeat gentle washing motions to remove any excess detergent and suds.

    -The blanket must now be removed as the next stage of the process is drying.

    -Please note that any wringing must be avoided as this may permanently damage the shape -all artificial drying methods are aslo damaging to pure wool

    -In order to remove excess water from the blanket fold it in half and roll it in a bathtowel, rather like a swiss roll (the Blanket being the 'Jam'). Roll it and apply pressure to it it until a substantial amount of moisture has been removed.

    -Finally, the blanket needs to be laid across a drying rack or line, avoiding any stretching or pressure points. Time and evaporation will do their magic now. You can expect a cleaner and softer blanket than with dry cleaning, and with a tiny environmental impact by comparison, not to mention a huge significant cash saving.

    IMPORTANT NOTE -There is a small one-time reduction in the size of the blanket when you wash it in water. This is insignificant and worth the benefits and savings of water-washing, but it should be borne in mind at the outset.
    Also, some crinkling of the product label may occur due to the differing nature of this material.

    We at Highland Store believe that handwashing is a great option in terms of care of your pure wool blanket, and also the best route in terms of impact on the environment. We endeavour to give the best guidance in this respect but we cannot be responsible for any damage to your item as a result of this process.

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